New LG K30, no cell connection

What phone do you have? LG K30

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, talk, & text

Issue Description

Just activated the new phone on Tuesday (have had an account for years, just got new phone). Phone would text and call on wi-fi, but on text messages, said “No Connection” at the top, which seemed funny, even though I could send and get responses.
But after a few days I have noticed that the phone does not work when I’m outside a wi-fi range. Already tried resetting network settings, but did not help. Help!

What phone did you have before?
If it was one of the legacy phones, those are on a different network partner (CDMA - Sprint)
The new phones are mainly GSM - Tmobile, so you will have different coverage.
That phone model particular is a GSM only device.
Could you post your zip code so the community can verify coverage.

24060, And yes, it was an old Moto E 1st Gen.

24060, Blacksburg, VA shows strong LTE coverage, but doe shave large areas of no coverage.
Have your tried a Refresh of the Republic Activation while on wifi? then rebooting.
And made sure that “Data” is enabled on the phone.

this looks to be a coverage issue
here the coverage of the K30

Here the coverage of the Moto E

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USPS says this zip code is for BLACKSBURG VA, not Wake Forest.
But it really depends exactly where you are @vtmeeow in that surrounding area, north of Blacksburg, there is Zero coverage.

If you stay in that local area, should be ok, but I would suggest getting a differnt model phone that can do CDMA, as that does appear to have better overall coverage in that area compared to GSM.

We are in a covered area in Blacksburg, so I think it is something with the activation. It’s actually my dad’s phone, so I’ll try what you suggested @speedingcheetah when I see him this afternoon. Thank you both!

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I used wake forest as an example where coverage is not in that area code ( which contains a few cites) image

How can I tell if a phone is GSM or CMDA?

@drm186 thank you, and he does go outside of the limited Blacksburg coverage area sometimes, so i can definitely foresee the coverage being a problem.

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ALso, the product page for the LG phone, under Connectivity, only lists GSM.

Hi @vtmeeow,

Your LG K30 is one of the phones RW sells that is GSM only. Many other compatible phones can use either GSM or CDMA SIM cards.

To restore the CDMA coverage of your previous phone you would need to return the LG and order a CDMA compatible phone.



Thanks, everyone! We will be returning the phone. Also, you guys taught me something new to look for in our families phones from here on out, and I really appreciate it!


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