New line for family member - managing Google accounts?


I reactivated an old Republic phone for my mom. I deleted all phone numbers from contacts and pictures that don’t pertain to her. She needs it mainly for when she’s out and about and needs to get in touch with one of us. Trouble is, all the phone numbers were also deleted from my Republic phone I use. I think I understand why it happened (same google account etc. my question is: do I have to cancel the line I reactivated for my mom and establish a new account with Republic./google etc.? is there a simpler way?


No need to cancel the Republic account. You simply need to remove your Google account from the phone and add an account for your mom (even if it is used only to have the phone be able to update the Republic app and sync contacts). You can do that at Settings – Accounts – Google on the phone.

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Thank you. One more question: is there a way to recover all the phone numbers and pictures I deleted?


there a undo changes option that can go back a week in the web version of the google contact setting
go to here
the click the :menu: in the upper left, click more and undo changes



Contacts: On a computer go to and on the top of the screen click “More” and then click “Restore Contacts”.

Photos: Also on a computer, go to and click the three stacked lines on the top left and then Trash to see the items that can be undeleted.

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thank you!


I went to where I found, under “More” “undo changes” which brings up this screen:


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It’s all back. Thanks again.

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