New member needs help managing message accumulation

Just installed the desktop app after being a Republic subscriber and phone app user for a while. I thought that having a desktop app would make it easier to send and receive text messages. Now I’ve discovered that I have to manage the message accumulation in two places separately!

Any suggestions about how to do this efficiently would be appreciated. I have a Moto G phone and a Windows 10 desktop computer. I have a cat but no pictures to share.

Hi @ameliah.6b4al7,

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Which messaging app are you using?

I’m using Anywhere - on both phone and desktop. I’ve been using it on the phone for a while, and was hoping that using it on the desktop as well would make it more manageable. But it’s less so, with the lack of synchronization!

And yes, I would like a more pronounceable username. How do I get one?

The dilemma is that Anywhere is not designed to be a synchronization solution. Each Anywhere endpoint (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) maintains its own discrete connection to Republic’s servers. There are advantages to this approach. If one’s phone is lost, stolen or broken, one may continue to exchange text messages using other devices.

If you’d prefer a solution that would be closer to synchronization, you might try Messages by Google and Google’s Messages for Web. I say closer to synchronization because Messages for Web mirrors what’s on your phone to other devices. The caveat is one’s phone must be powered on and connected to the Internet (via WiFi or cell data) at all times for the mirroring to work.


Thanks - not the answer I wanted but very helpful.

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