New moto E 4 plus - Hands Free app recommendations?


New Moto E4 Plus, won’t verbally notify me of incoming text messages or read them to me. Is there an app out there that I can get to do this I liked it when my first generation Moto X phone did it.


maybe like?


will it let me or allow me to reply also?


don’t know, never tried it…

edit: went and installed the above app, and it crashed when it needed text to speech app installed to work… so this one is a no go…


over in the Settings > Accessibility >
is there maybe, are TalkBack and speech options, which may provide you with voice notification, and read the text msg. but as far as responding back, that may require google assistant and that requires data…


Hi @richardschlosser,

If you’ll search the Google Play store for “hands free” there are several apps there that claim to do what you are trying to do. Of them, I notice Dragon Mobile Assistant. I haven’t tried it, but the Dragon brand has been a leader in voice-recognition software for years.

Give some a try, and let us know what you end up deciding.


Thank you for your recommendation on that Dragon app, Dragon Mobile that’s
what I wanted it to do. Thank you Republic Community guys are all great!


Sounds like it going to work for you. Thanks for reporting back.

I installed it too and looks good the little played with so far. I’d recently started using the Swype Keyboard app by the same developer, it’s provided a better experience from the others tried and definitely worth a buck.



Hi @richardschlosser,

Thanks for taking the time after trying the app to let us know it’s a good fit for your needs. That confirmation will help others who are looking for the same solution, and we appreciate the feedback!


Wanted to add a Dragon app warning.

You may want to disable lock screen notifications. They are large/bright (battery drain) and show text message info when those setting are disabled in your texting app.


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