New Moto E4 screen goes out (black) as soon as a call is initiated, and won't come back!


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New Moto E4 on My Choice Plan (talk and text only)

Issue Description

My 10 day old Moto E4 was working flawlessly until now.
Now it is turning off the screen as soon as a call is initiated. As soon as I hit “send” the screen goes off or blank. Hitting the power button does not restore the screen!
The only thing I could have done is possibly hit the volume button along with the power button when I awakened the phone to make the call that started this screen loss problem.
My only option to get the screen back is to hold the power button down until the phone restarts itself.
Any ideas,


Additional information: The call goes thru as normal, just no screen to see. So no switching to speaker phone, etc. and no access to the phone during the call

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Hi @sethv.jnusnt,

So the screen doesn’t return when the call ends?

Have you recently added a case to the phone?

Is anything else possibly blocking the proximity sensor? (It’s at the top of the screen, just left of the earpiece.)


Southpaw, you saved me!!!
Yes, added a case, and yes, it was blocking the sensor!
All back to normal now!
Thank you very much!


To check on the above (which is often the cause) you can access Motorola’s Moto Help :motohelp: which is found :appsicon:
Select the Fix Tab/Hardware tests then under Sensors do the Proximity sensor


Thanks jben. Very helpful information. For as complex as these smart phones are, they should come with a link to a phone-dedicated troubleshooting manual!

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