New Moto e6 goes black every time a call is made, help!

What phone do you have? Moto e6

What plan are you on? Regular? Basic?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Just talk and text.

Issue Description

Just bought a new Moto E6 from Republic Wireless about a month ago for my daughter, activated it a few weeks later, and we realized last week that the screen goes black every time a phone call is made and the phone is completely unresponsive until the called phone hangs up!!! Pushing buttons does not do anything, cannot even hang up the call! This is terrible!!! I believe I received a defective phone! Tried turning it off and on several times, no change. Thank you.

Does the phone have a case or screen protector on it? Some poorly designed cases or screen protectors may cover the proximity sensor, which would cause the screen to go black during a call.


Hi @booksy and welcome to the Member Community. Sounds like a pretty fresh new phone. In addition to the question about a case or screen protector, I must ask, has anyone installed any 3rd party apps?

Sometimes 3rd party apps can cause problems. Suggest you try booting in Safe Mode and see if the problem stops.

Not sure if Safe Mode will disable the RW app on the E6. If the app is not disabled in safe mode (i.e. you can open the Republic app while in safe mode), you should be able to test outbound & inbound calling and messaging to/from your Republic telephone number.

When you are finished operating your phone in safe mode, simply restart your phone to exit safe mode. Quick easy test with no permanent changes.

Hello @booksy
Were either @cbwahlstrom or @freddyp’s suggestions any help with your screen going black?
Are you still having the issue?

We just tried the safe mode. Still goes black with phone calls. :frowning_face: I guess I got a defective phone. Should I put in a ticket? Or do I request an exchange?

Did you remove any case or screen you have on the phone?

Also, Please go into your apps and look for Moto Help.
Run the Proximity sensor test and let us know what happens.

OK, that was it. Thank you all for your help!

In the meantime, I submitted a help ticket. How do I cancel it?

That’s great!

I would wait till you hear from Republic and then let then know you’re good. :wink:

OK, they just responded to the ticket, so I let them know the phone is OK. Thanks again for your help!

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Hi @booksy,

What kind of case did you have on the phone?

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