New Moto G 4th generation phones have issues with incoming cellular calls going directly to voicemail

All aspects of phone are working except receiving cellular calls. We can make outgoing wi fi and cell calls and receive only wifi calls. Have tried trouble shooting with technical support without success.

When someone calls you RW looks for your phone on WiFi. Failing to find your phone the call is sent to the cell service provider. If the cell service provider can’t find you the call then goes to voicemail.

Most of the time when this problem is reported there is an issue with router in conjunction with the absence of cell service. In the presence of cell service the router problem is masked.

What is the make and model of your router? What is your Republic arc status? Is it a solid white arc, a hollow arc or a triangle. What is your cell service like in terms of your cell bar display?

What troubleshooting steps have you tried?

How did you determine that outgoing cellular calls are working?

Do you have marginal cellular coverage? Take a look at your coverage over here

Sometimes, incomplete activation can cause issues. Did you have good WiFi AND

**good native cellular signal at the time of activation? **If not, try to re-start your phone

in an area where you have good WiFi and cellular signal and see if that improves your inbound


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