New moto g fast , still getting alerts on my old phone

I tried turning it off yesterday, but I needed to check a text from earlier, so I turned it on and immediately got 2 alerts.
I’m confused, am I missing stuff?

It would depend on when the new phone was activated.
See: Messages Still Delivered to Old Phone After Activating New Phone – Republic Help Artice for full details

I activated the phone last night
It wasn’t messages, but general alerts. I saw with one, i needed to sign into the “new” app, but that wasn’t always the case.
I’m just going to try and activate all new apps, I have been resetting settings all day!

AFIK, the Alerts utilize the network routing as SMS Texts, so depending on where the alert originated it could still be active on the Internet, and delayed to when the phone/apps started going active they came in.

Hi @julieg.sosxhv,

I just wanted to make sure you’re all set with your new phone.

I think what you’re referring to here are “notifications.” The little icons at the top of the screen from various apps that want your attention.

When you set up a new phone and activate it with your Republic Wireless service, the old phone doesn’t stop working. Only your phone service, including calling, texting, and access to cellular data, moves to the new phone. Your old phone will continue to operate on WiFi and the various apps will continue to work (and notify you) on WiFi.

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