New Moto G Play 4 not working on WiFi internationally

Extremely frustrating as we spent the last 2 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand and phone would not work over WiFi. I’m not talking about international SIM card issues; nor am I talking about connecting to internet as we were able to use Chrome and Skype. I’m simply talking about using the phone over WiFi to make calls and texts.

It would constantly pop up with an error about needing to reset Sprint CDMA settings. Reset made no difference. Any idea what was going on there? Back home in the States now and it works fine.

We never had this problem with the old Moto G 1st edition on Republic.

Did you try putting the phone in Airplane mode with WiFi turned on? The message you were getting indicates the phone was trying to connect to a cell tower it couldn’t possibly work with.

Thanks billg!

Yeah that makes perfect sense. Figured it was something simple but didn’t have my Republic login info to get on here and figure it out while there.

putting in airplane mode with wifi turned on didn’t help me in Canada

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