New Moto G Power- setting changes to make

When I got my first phone, there was an article about settings to change so that most applications used WiFi and therefore would save on cell data. I can’t seem to find an appropriate list now that I am setting up my new MotoG Power. I have asked the Experts twice today and no one is jumping in with an answer after a few hours’ wait. Also wondering if it is possible or recommended to delete apps that came installed on the phone that I don’t need/use?

Hi @janetl.3jql2g,

I’m very sorry none of our Experts have been able to answer your question. They are usually pretty fast to respond.

I believe this is the article you’re thinking about:

Some of the apps that come bundled on the phone cannot be deleted, but can be safely disabled. Others (like Facebook) can be deleted. It’s usually the first thing I do when I get a new phone.

Feel free to ask about specific apps if you aren’t certain whether one you’re considering deleting is vital to the operation of the phone.

Thanks for introducing some of us to the Help Article that covers this members question. This is an excellent article that highlights the strides that have been made in documenting answers to questions that users have raised Tickets to get answered. Great job !

Interesting fact: Support Notes now include nearly 3500 Articles, in the three main categories
(How To’s = 1281 |Questions & Answers = 1188 | Solutions = 960)

Thanks @jben,

We actually feature this article, among a few others, in our “onboarding series”, a set of E-mails sent to our members over the first few months of activation of a new line of service, and I think that’s where @janetl.3jql2g may have first been introduced to it.


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