New Moto G Set up and Migrate

Not sure how to get my sim card in the G6… any help?

Also I guess I can’t use the Motorola Migrate on the 6, any thoughts on how to transfer my data including texts?


Hi Amy… First, here’s a great overview on moving content: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

Second, as far as the SIM goes, How to Install the SIM Card in a Moto G6 or G6 Play – Republic Help or Moto help with pictures:

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Thanks, will take a look.

Seems like I installed the sim card correctly but it keeps saying Invalid SIm Card…??

There are some reason that this could happen. Did the phone come from Republic? If not, was it used when you got it?

Honestly, the most common issue would be that the SIM is in wrong, so if you could double check that, perhaps even just remove and reinsert it, that might solve it.

The phone did not come from Republic, and yes used, like new.

I don’t know how else to install the SIM… it looks like it is in the only position that it can be. I’ve done it now twice.

I’m wondering if you could have perhaps gotten a frankenphone that isn’t a real US model. Did the listing anywhere mention “GSM Unlocked” or the idea that it wouldn’t work with certain carriers?

Motorola G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Oyster Blush - (U.S. Warranty) - PAAE0001US

Sold by: GreenTechUS

Where did you get the SIM card? The SIM card from your Moto G3 will not work in the Moto G6.

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So this SIM card was intended to be installed in a new phone? It wasn’t intended to fix the SIM card problem you were having in your G3? If the SIM card was meant for the new phone, can you identify whether it’s a GSM or CDMA SIM card:

If GSM, do you have adequate coverage where you live (although it would be unlikely that a coverage issue would cause an invalid SIM card message)?

If CDMA, were there additional instructions on providing information (IMEI number) to support prior to activation?

This is no longer necessary other than for Samsung devices.

Looks like it should be fine. Tagging back in @southpaw to verify that fulfillment sent you the right type of CDMA SIM and if so, to identify next steps.

Hi @amyb9,

Is there a chance you can take a picture of the SIM @southpaw arranged and post it here?

Alternatively, can you tell us if you see “C”, “C1” or “C2” among the markings on the SIM? More here:

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I processed the order for an iSIM, however @amyb9 would need to tell us the SKU to be sure what shipped.

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Yes, new sim for the new G6

What? Not sure what that means… didn’t have to do that previously. You need a sku # for the sim you shipped? 20000106A

Still don’t know what this means.

On the SIM itself, can you do the following?

C2 is on the sim

Message an
Expert customer