New moto g5+ connects to home wifi but not other outside wifi

What phone do you have? Moto G5+
What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No Data

Issue Description

Have had Moto G5+ for a week. Migrated all info from Moto X with no problems. Connected to my home WiFi no problem. All calling texting working good. My problem is I cannot connect to outside WiFi from Best Buy, MacDonalds, Walmart, etc. My phone finds their wifi, I connect to it, it shows wifi connected on my phone but only hollow arc shows & no filled arc shows & cannot connect to the internet from chrome or any apps. When I return home my phone finds my home wifi before I get out of the car so that is working well. I took my wifes Moto G & my old Moto X & they connected to the outside wifi with no problem. It seems I must have a setting wrong somewhere. Any help is appreciated.

There are a few places I go where I experience this. It says I’m connected but I have a hollow arc until I agree to their terms of service.

Have had the same experience. Best Buy for example, the web site comes up, agree to terms, hit connect, it shows connected in the “Settings, wifi” but no solid arc & apps, etc don’t work. Thats why I took my wifes G & my old X & they both connected no problem. It seems to be connected but is just missing something to complete the connection. Went to best buy, 3 macdonalds, Joann Fabrics, 2 walmarts among others & all have the same non-connection. Thanks for responding Billg

When you are connected to these other networks…does it display under the Network name
"Connected"…or does it say “Connected, No internet” ?

Connected in the “Settings WiFi” but the RW app shows connected, no internet

I put in a help ticket as I’m wondering if the RW app needs to be reloaded

I just got my wife’s G5+ connected at Walmart. I didn’t notice what I did as if it just locked in or I had to do a Walmart connect screen. Usually she has me lock them in the first time and next time it does it automatically.

The new phones do not have the ability to accept the terms automatically (that is no longer a feature of the Republic App). You’d either need to do it manually each time or find a 3rd party app to provide the capability.

Yeah I should have added I use Wifi Quick login…
WiFi Quick Login
Thanks for the pickup @louisdi


Thanks to all for your comments & help. I’ll try the Wifi Quick login & let you know how it works.


UPDATE: Put in a help ticket & Nicholas from RW got back to me with the solution at “Terms and Conditions Page Isn’t Automatically Showing to Connect to Wifi”. I used in chrome as they suggested & it worked with no problem. bocephous I will be trying your suggestion. Thanks to RW & everyone for your help.


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