New Moto G5 Plus problems


I have not activated it with RW yet. want to make sure everything is working first. zoom is not working Trying to zoom on FB. how can I get FB bigger? looks like it is working on photos (not on FB)

I want the time on the front to be bigger an bolder. Do I need to put a new widget on and delete this one? Any recommendations?

It keeps wanting me to click on “new system software available”. I have done that about 5 times.

This is all done over wifi. when it is working right, then I want to activate it with RW.

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Good gracious @dianeo.x8l6kz

I’ll bet there will be with bullet points. :grinning:

Keep doing this until there are no more. Out of the box the phone has 5 or 6 updates that have to be done sequentially.

Sorry, don’t have recommendations on the other items.


You will need to do all the system updates.

FB i assume u are referring to FaceBook app.

I do not know of a zoom option for facebook.
You can go into the app settings in facebook and increase the font size.

Each app would have its own settings of some sort.

If you need the whole phones text to get bigger or smaller, that would be under the system settings under Display. There u can make the whole display(icons etc) larger or smaller, or just the system text.

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