New Moto G5+ quite uncooperative

Just received new MotoG5Plus. I can’t seem to do much of anything with it. It won’t let me sign in with Google, so it won’t download an updated Republic Wireless app, nor will it let me sign in to wifi at work. It is difficult to turn on, have no idea how the fingerprint thing works as it just goes back and forth between two pages without doing anything. Very frustrating. What have I done? I didn’t realize this was a brand new model.

Do you successfully connect to your WiFi at home? If so, please tell us what happens when you try to log into your Google account. If not, you need an adequate WiFi connection to log into you Google account.

Can you make/receive calls? Can you send/receive messages? Does your email work? Do you have contacts in your contact list?

I’m trying to determine whether or not your phone has even been activated.

Here is a link to your phone’s manual:

I think I was connecting at home, but was still having trouble with google. I will try again at home this evening and see if I can figure it out. Nothing else is happening because I can’t activate the phone, because it wants me to update republic app, etc. I was in a rush at lunchtime and just assumed I would be able to continue here at work, but apparently not. Thanks for the link! I will reply with my results!

OK, I understand. It takes about an hour to fully activate a smart phone because by the time one reaches the end user many of the apps installed at the factory need to be updated.

There are three logins required during the activation process so three sets of credentials are required:

  1. The credentials for the WiFi you are connecting to.

  2. Your Gmail address and password.

  3. Your Republic Wireless credentials: The email address used when you purchased the phone and the password you assigned it.

The detailed activation steps are here:

Activate My Phone

If you want to disable the swipe left/right for navigation and instead get back the classic home / back / task switcher (circle, triangle, square) controls:

  • bring up the app tray by swiping up on the little up arrow symbol near the bottom of the home screen

  • find the Moto app and launch it (they are in alphabetical order)

  • select Actions

  • select One Button Nav

  • turn it off

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