New moto g6 play problems

My LG nexus recently went into the dreaded boot loop and I replaced it with a Moto G6 play (I didn’t really see any advanteges in the g6- but I’m not a phone geek). A couple of things: 1) when I changed over about half of my contacts disappeared, 2) call reception has been pretty spotty and 3) the screen has become quite scratched in almost no time at all. The nexus shows almost no wear in the several years I had it. The specs say it’s gorilla glass but it sure doesn’t hold up like past phones so I’m kind if doubting it. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and already suspect I’ve got a lemon.

Hi @joken
Have you gone to your Google account and Synced it? Call reception could be a sim card issue… The screen shouldn’t scratch very easily. Have you considered purchasing a tempered glass screen protector from Amazon or Ebay?
Ok Google make lemonade hehe just @joken!


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