NEW MOTO G6 Poor Reception


NEW Moto G6
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Terrible reception. call breaks up can not understand half of conversation. My wife has moto x 2 and she gets great reception in same house? Is this a phone issue if so I will return it. is there any thing I can do to help this problem if not I need to know how to return the phone?


Are you on the same wifi and having issues?

Or are your referring to Cellular coverage quality issues.

What SIM type do you have in the new G6?
Look in the R.W app under about - SIM Type.
If it is GSM, you have different coverage than the old X2, as that is on CDMA.
You have the option to Request a CDMA SIM to receive the same cellur coverage as the X2 has/


it is gsm what is that and how do i request a cdma sim


Republic has 2 cellular network partners. GSM (Tmobile) and CDMA (Sprint).
One may have better coverage than the other in your area.
The old Legacy phones can only use CDMA partner, but most of the current sold phones, canuse either one of the partners.

The page linked to in the previous post is the instructions to Request CDMA SIM.
But here it is again. You will need to Open a Ticket.


BINGO! Sprint is in our area T mobil is not even close to us I did what you said and opened a ticket for a new sim will the new sim affect the data when I am out and about? also, is there any charge for this new sim let me know and thanks!


The CDMA SIM will mean you will be on a different cellular network partner for calls and data than u are now when you are out and about, away from your home wifi. There is no change in plan or cost, it is the same My Choice plan regardless of what SIM type you use.

While at home, your phone would hopefully, be using your own wifi for calls and data connection.

R.W does not charge for the CDMA SIM.




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