New Moto G7 Play - phone connected to computer, but no files or photos come up?

This is annoying, so forgive my frustration, I don’t know why they make going to a new phone so difficult. My old phone would instantly show up as a storage device so I could access and edit photos from the phone or internal memory card, but with my new Moto G7 Play connected to the computer, no files are visible, just a blank window. What gives?


Thanks – It’s OK, I found where to turn on USB file transfer.

Thanks for following up @davidh.66j1ud! It’s definitely a frequent source of frustration as people get used to using a newer phone!

No problem, thanks.

For what it’s worth, it’s an attempt to better secure the content on your phone, so that if lost or stolen someone else wouldn’t be able to plug it into a computer and access content.

I both understand and appreciate the attempt at greater security comes with offsetting greater inconvenience.

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Yes I get that now. Thanks

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