New moto g7 power

I just read about the new Moto g7 power phone and would like to get one but there is a problem. I checked on the page on the g7 and it says ok we’ve got you covered and I would have to get a new phone number, no problem but I went to the Republic cite and checked the g7 phone there and it says, phone not optimal in 16365. My question is can I use the g7 Power or not?

Everything looks OK to me. I don’t think you should have any problem with the Moto G7 Power. When I type your zip code into the coverage checker on the G7 Power page it says “We’ve got you covered in 16365.”

Hi @brucey.adrg44,

I’m seeing the same thing you’re seeing. In an attempt to resolve the apparent discrepancy, I’ve looked at the map for the coverage attached to the Moto G7 Power. My reading of that map is the G7 Power would not provide adequate coverage in and around Warren.

We do expect that to change, however, the current expectation is for the timing on that is early summer. My personal opinion is for adequate coverage in your area today, you would be better served with one of the phones listed here: What Phones in the Republic Wireless Store Are CDMA Compatible? – Republic Help.

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Strange. Here is what I see:

On the phone specific page I see the same thing. If starting from the coverage page here: Coverage – Republic Wireless, then click Shop Phones I see what the OP reports.

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your help, I guess the way it looks I will hold off for a month or two and see if things change.


Do you know for sure that I will have coverage for the Moto G7 power phone soon, is there a date set for coverage in my area?

Hi @brucey.adrg44,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the current expected timeline is early summer. There is not yet anything more definitive than that nor is there a guarantee the timeline won’t slip.

Thanks again, I like the G7 but I would go with a G6 but they are out of stock right now so it looks like I wont be upgrading any time soon.

Hi @brucey.adrg44,

Republic has sold out of the Moto G6 and won’t be restocking as it’s been replaced by the G7. The G6 remains available elsewhere. Motorola itself still has some stock:

If you decide to source a G6 elsewhere, please don’t buy Republic’s standalone SIM as that’s GSM (T-Mobile). Instead do this:

Thanks, If I get a G6 from Motorola do I need anything else like a sim card?

Yes, i linked a Republic help article in my previous reply but I see you’re replying via email. Does this link reach you: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help?

Yes I did get your link, not up on this stuff . I see there are two G6, the G6 Play and the G6. Is one better than the other and which would you recommend ?

Overall the G6 is the better phone. The G6 Play does have a larger battery but that’s the only way in which it’s superior to the G6. If it were my choice, I’d pick the G6.

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