New moto g7 unable to connect to celluar, no bars showing

Moto g7

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Activated a new moto g7 today. Able to connect to wifi. Able to use voice and text over wifi, but unable to connect to celluar. Received email from republic that phone was activated. Republic wireless app installed. Have rebooted phone several times. No bars showing on phone.

Hi @johnknez and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. As a starting point, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code (nothing more), so we might evaluate coverage options with Republic for you?

Additionally, may we know the SIM type in your new Moto G7? Here’s how to tell:

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My zip code is 13811

SIM type is GSM.

Candidly, neither of Republic’s cellular network partners offer what I would consider good coverage in your area. That said, you’re new to the Community. Are you also new to Republic?

If not new to Republic, did the G7 replace another Republic phone? If so, may we know the brand, model and generation of the phone that was replaced?

Yes, I am new to Republic. The reason I went with Republic and purchased this phone was because Republic indicated they had coverage in my zip code. One the Republic page where I selected the Moto G7 some phones had text that indicated that they were not optimal for my zip code. I assumed that those that were not so designated would have connectivity.

Hi @johnknez,

Though I mentioned, in my opinion, neither of Republic’s cellular partner’s has optimal coverage in your area, it’s fair to say one is better than the other. Currently, you don’t have the better option. Getting the better coverage requires a different SIM available only from Republic staff. Here’s how to make the request:

For you and others reading here, I’ll just mention something about coverage maps. One should never settle for the 30,000 foot overview. Without sharing it, what does Republic’s coverage map say about signal strength when you enter your address here: Cell Phone Coverage Map – Republic Wireless?

It says:

Data: 4G LTE

Make calls, send texts, browse the Internet, and stream music and video.

Signal: Fair

Hi @johnknez,

The fair signal strength is the issue with the coverage provided with the SIM your phone is currently provisioned with. In my experience, fair translates to some coverage outdoors at best. Indoors, you’re likely to have no cellular coverage though to some extent, this is compensated for by Republic’s ability to use WiFi for calls and text messaging as well as Internet data.

I suggest going ahead and requesting a CDMA SIM to see if that provides acceptable coverage for you.


Hi @johnknez,

You might also try going outside and rebooting your phone where the signal may be stronger.



Tried that. It didn’t help. Thanks for the suggestion.

rolandh, I did as you suggested and requested a CDMA card. I was promptly sent one. I installed and activated it. It worked. I can now make a cellular connection all over my local community, even indoors.


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