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This thread has multiple parts so I apologize for it being all over the place. I hope someone can help me.

I have an old Moto X (1st Gen) and I am grandfathered to my original plan for $25 a month. Recently (for about 3 weeks) my phone has been having network problems and I have tried asking RW about this but have got no answers. Are their problems with the network? If so, is it fixed / when will it be fixed? I would have 0 / 5 bars reception and then it might come back temporarily and go again. My phone is old but I haven’t done anything to it. This is very frustrating as it seems I am being pushed into the direction of purchasing a new phone (and losing my original plan) - not happy.

So, with no solutions or improvement for 3 weeks, I purchased a new phone. Moto X 4. I purchased the phone from Republic Wireless and it is in the mail. Now I am going through the steps about activating it when it arrives and it is talking about a SIM card… does the SIM card come with the phone or do I now have to go ahead and pay more money for a new SIM card? Or is there a SIM card in my Moto X gen 1 that I can use?

If I want to keep my phone number, do I activate the new phone first and then deactivate the old phone? And do I just choose the plan I want e.g. $15 talk and text and $15 for 3 additional GBs?

Lastly, if there are issues with my phone and / or the Republic Wireless network and I am forced to purchase a new phone, can they / will they allow me to continue with my original grandfathered plan?

I have enjoyed my time with RW and this is the only time I have had an issue. I hope I can be helped as this is very frustrating. If you need any other information from me please just let me know.

Thank you.


if ordered from Republic there will be a SIM card included (it may or may not be preinstalled)
during activation is where you will pick the new my choice plan including the ammount of data you want per billing cycle ($15+$5 Per GB)

during activation you will have the option to replace the line and this will transfer the number over and deac tivate your old phone (do not deactivate your old phone as the number could be lost)

All new phones (3.0 phones) need the My choice plans,

only the Legacy phones can use the old 1.0 plans (Moto X1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto E 1st, Moto E 2nd, Moto G 1st, Moto G 3rd)
Legacy phones can be activated as replacements lines


Thank you drm186… the only question unanswered was about RW network issues. My network connection has been terrible for approximately 3 weeks. What were the issues?


Republic has reported nothing long lasting in the last few weeks
you can also look up your area on the Sprint network (Republic Cel Partner on Legacy phones)

If you haven’t already create a ticket please do Republic suport may have a few more option/test


It would be a good idea to add just 1 GB when you initially set up your My Choice plan. A very nice feature of the plan is being able easily to add one GB at a time when needed. Many members find the new plan saves them money versus the 1.0 & 2.0 plans. Good luck with your new phone.



Thank you planetherapist, I do have another question if anyone could provide additional input… I purchased the Moto X 4 for $400, 2 days later RW email me their Valentines Day special, Moto X 4 for $350. I don’t even have the phone yet but I’d like my $50 back.


create a ticket and have support look into the sitaution (it never hurts to ask)


Can I Get Credit If the Price on the Phone I Bought Online Dropped? – Republic Help

Apparently there an official RW policy and procedure that addresses these situations. An account credit can be given if within a 14 day period. As @southpaw said a Support ticket must be opened.



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