New Moto X Pure came without sim card


My wife just purchased a Moto X Pure. She’s transfered the number over from her old phone and gone through most of the set-up. The phone is now directing her to install sim card. Upon opening the card carrier, there is no sim card installed.

We did not expect nor did we find a sim card delivered external to the phone. Were we supposed to purchase sim card outside the phone purchase? Since we purchased the device through Republic, I thought the sim card would come installed in the phone.


The SIM card should be in the box. It may be inside a booklet in the box or have slid under a flap. It is usually found there.


@vickiep, like @seanr said, I found my SIM card under one of the flaps of the larger green shipping box.


@vickiep, if you still have not found the SIM, please open a ticket so support can quickly send out another one.


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