New moto X4 from swappa: no audio/weak audio going to call recipient

Moto X4 (brand new, i think, but from Swappa)
My Choice + 1 GB data

Hi! I received my phone today from Swappa, inserted the sim card from Republic and re-activated service. Texts come through okay, all the apps work fine, but for all the outgoing calls I’ve made, the recipient can’t hear what i’m saying at all OR they can hear me very very weakly. many test calls confirm this. restarting the phone does not fix anything.

android version 9, voice/data are both “in service” according to settings. where do i go from here??

Does the phone have a case on it? If so, please try removing it and make some test calls.

it has no case, apart from the skin of the phone itself.

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Oh and based on a previous thread that was auto-suggested based on my problem, i was able to refresh the wireless application as here

but i was NOT able to reset my cellular settings using the commands shown here

If you were able to move your SIM from one phone to another, or was ordered from the Republic website, your phone is not CDMA activated so the steps in the second article wouldn’t apply to your device. (You can verify that by opening the Republic App, clicking the little gear at the top, then About and looking at SIM Type).

Is the issue on wifi, cellular or both? Can you share your ZIP?

thanks for sticking with me! sim type is GSM, it came from republic (swappa said they would send me one with my purchase, but it wasn’t in their box after all and i ended up using the one i’d bought from Republic).

issue persists across both wifi and cellular. zip is 94501.

The fact that it is happening on both wifi and cellular should in theory rule out coverage, but just to double check, are you East or West of the 580?

Also, you may want to complete a network reset just to make sure. This will require you to reconnect to your wifi afterwards. Directions here: How to Reset Network Settings for Motorola and Google Phones on Android 8.1 Oreo and Above – Republic Help (

west of the 580 for sure. i’ll be able to do the network reset in 25 minutes or so. thank you!

Just to clarify, when an order is placed through Swappa for a Republic-supported phone and the purchaser opts to accept the Republic Wireless SIM card, that SIM card is fulfilled by our coverage team. It is not sent from Swappa, it is not sent from the individual seller of the phone listed on Swappa.

Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay, because we are sent the orders as a batch file from Swappa. @itsfrench, I see that you received your shipping notice for the free SIM card yesterday and it’s on its way to you. I’m sorry the timing didn’t work out for the SIM card to reach you at the same time as the phone. I’ll send that feedback to the teams that collaborate on this partnership.

Are the calls you’ve made so far on WiFi? If you switch to cell, does the other party hear you any better? What if you switch to speakerphone?

thanks. calls fail on wifi and cell equally, and fail after switching mid-call. switching to speaker does not help, sorry to say.

@louisdi @southpaw ok since resetting my network settings as directed, i’ve made two calls–the cell network one is just as bad as before, and the wifi one is slightly better than the cell.

Coverage West of the 580 should be great, so coverage isn’t the issue here.

This is concerning. Can you try this please? Turn off wifi on the phone and then make a call on the cellular network while your wifi is turned off. How’s that call?

Same as before: almost non-existent audio (very muffled and distant) when starting on cell, 30% good when switching over to wifi. By “fail” earlier, I only meant that the recipient’s incoming audio is just as bad, not that the call drops–if that’s what you were concerned about!

Hi @itsfrench,

I’m sorry to see this conversation fell silent. Reviewing everything so far, it sounds like it’s possible there’s something wrong with the phone. Is there any possibility of returning it?

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