New Moto Z4 stopped getting good LTE signals after update

What phone do you have?
Moto Z4 128gb ram

What plan are you on?
My choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Yes, data

Issue Description

My New Moto Z4 was great the first 2 days. It got an LTE signal in places I never got one before and was getting great reception in many places I had dead zones before, My old phone NEVER roamed voice or text as it was supposed to and Republic was NO help. They always just had me update the PRL, which never did any good.
Today the Z4 did an update and now the reception is as bad as the Moto X I just replaced. Towers I know are there, and were responding yesterday, with an LTE signal are now NOT connecting.

Hi @jeffreyh.vgmgfm,

I’ve taken a look at coverage in your area and I’m absolutely baffled as to how you were experiencing excellent coverage for a few days, because it does not look like our cellular partner your phone is currently equipped to use has much, if any, coverage at all in your area. It looks to me like you’d benefit from a different SIM card to improve your coverage experience.

Do you mind if I go ahead and place an order for a different SIM card for you, at no cost to you?

Sure, worth a try, I’m not sure if I have the t-mobile or the sprint, it only says republic in the phone for the sim card. The T-mobile coverage is quite good in my area, I have two houses, in 04055 and 04605. I’m not sure which would be better, sprint or T mobile. So is my SIM not either a t mobile or sprint if it only says republic in the phone?

You can tell whether your SIM card provides coverage through our partnership with Sprint (CDMA) or T-Mobile (GSM) using these steps:

May I ask what you have based that on? My assessment was based on some coverage data we have available, but your real-life experience is more reliable than my data.

Are you certain the phone you just upgraded from was a Moto X? How was coverage on the phone you just upgraded from?

Perhaps resetting the network settings would be worth a try. Those instructions are here:

Please let me know if that helps.

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Oops, moto X was 2 phones ago, last one was the G5 Plus,
My G5 plus got coverage in line with the sprint and t-mobile maps in my area, they are about the same map wise with similar dead zones as shown on the maps.
My current phone has a GSM sim, my old phone also has the GSM sim
When I drove around yesterday I was amazed the LTE signal I was getting, I was making calls from locations I never could before, plus the signal in both houses was good where I used to only get WIFI in the houses. I use WAZE so it shows up searching for signal in the dead zones. Yesterday’s drive It had signal almost the entire time. I’ll be heading back to the other house in the am and see how it works, But here in the house now at 04055, last night had a great LTE signal when I got here and now it wont connect and shows a triangle symbol with two M’s in it.

Hi @jeffreyh.vgmgfm,

How did the drive back go?

Did you try resetting the network settings?

The drive back was disappointing, the new phone is back to working just like the old one.

I was going to, but The network setting instructions you posted did not match up with the actual phone screens at all… so, no, plus it meant wiping out stuff I had no time to re-load again while away from home… So I’m waiting for the new sim card for sprint you sent…

If I was the conspiracy theory type, i would say that republic did something in that last update that night that further restricted towers I’m allowed to access to either help reduce roaming charges or to reduce LTE data connection time to save money. I didn’t get a chance to check if roaming worked at first, because I didn’t need it.

I have never, with any of my 3 republic phones, had them work for roaming voice or SMS, I keep republic mostly because 95% of the time I’m on WIFI, until I started using WAZE recently, I hardly used any of my data before WAZE, now I still don’t use more than half. My Republic account should roam on Verizon towers for Voice and SMS, correct? It never has.

The T-mobile coverage MAP is quite good and my first two days with the new phone still matched up with the map with very small dead zones where they show spotty coverage. Now, the spotty coverage areas are zero coverage again and the dead zones are as big as the spotty coverage areas or somewhat larger.

So I do believe I caught republic RED HANDED doing something as a cost containment measure, and quite disappointed with them.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no. There hasn’t been any change to the service associated with your subscription. That would require a complete re-negotiation of our contract with our cellular carrier partners and a complete overhaul of our network. I assure you no such level of work has been undertaken. Without resetting the network settings, I don’t know how we could try to determine why you might have had data one day, but not the next. I’m sorry I sent the instructions for Android 7.1 instead of the correct instructions for the Android version currently on the Z4. Perhaps starting here would be better:

With a GSM SIM card, definitely not.
With a CDMA SIM card, it’s possible not but guaranteed. Roaming agreements vary across regions and are negoatiated between our carrier partners and their roaming partners. We’re not a part of those negotiations. In some areas Sprint has roaming agreements with Verizon.

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