New MotoG Play won't activate

New MotoG Play won’t "Activate (step 1!!!) says may take up to 5 minutes. Been 50 minutes. only option: Skip. Tried that . WiFi won’t activate "“authentication problem” The end. Wow, what a great phone. Leaving in 12 hours on trip. Any suggestions? any way to contact Company?

Hi @jamesh.trojxt,

As you’ve surmised, you’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community forum. Most of us here are members doing their best to help other members. Staff drops in from time to time, however, direct support generally takes place outside of Community. Information regarding seeking direct support here: Getting Help from Republic.

The above said, an Internet connection via WiFi is required to activate your phone. An authentication error is your phone’s somewhat cryptic way of saying your WiFi network doesn’t like the password your giving it. If you’re certain the password is correct, I suggest "forgetting the network then trying again. I would suggest availing yourself of the option to show the password as you type it. Speaking for myself, I find it incredibly easy to mistype on my phone’s small keyboard.

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