New Motorola G7 phone - not receiving all texts - e.g. Uber account confirmation text

Some texts arrive - others not. Any ideas?

Many commercial texts are sent from non-standard numbers (short codes). While Republic does not block these, not all providers know how to reach Republic and some providers (Wells Fargo for example) simply refuse to send the texts to Republic numbers.

If you can figure out what providers you’re specifically not getting them from the community can look a bit further in to what’s going on specifically with that sender.

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Many of my texts aren’t arriving? Is there anything that can be done?

You’ll need to provide more information. What type of texts? From friends and family? Only from businesses? What businesses?

Is this experience unique to your G7 phone? What phone and plan did you have before the G7?

Other family members have different phones and they have not mentioned having problems, but I do a lot more texting than they do. I could try some experiments with my with my wife’s phone this evening. The texts I AM receiving are from some non-Republic subscribers and from all Republic phones from my family members.

I guess what I was trying to drive at…was… did your own previous RW phone receive the texts…that you are now missing after switching to the G7 ?

This is my first phone on this phone number. My family doesn’t text as much - but they’ve been having no noticed missed texts on their phones (not G7s). Example texts from companies - Uber, Lyft.

Hi @merrillb.f6ddkt ,

When we last heard from you, you were going to do some testing. Are you still having trouble receiving text messages?

Yes it seems all texts are arriving. The only problem I’m currently having is having some providers think that my phone number is a landline. I opened ticket number 1659444, for this issue.
So I guess you can close this ticket that you’re writing me about and I’ll just follow up with the team under that other ticket number. Thank you.

as the nature of Republic hybrid WiFi 1st VOIP with Cell backup your number is a VOIP number which is classified by the FCC as a Landline (wire-line)

I’m afraid this isn’t something that can be “fixed” as Republic numbers are VoIP and therefore categorized as “wireline” (commonly called landline). That shouldn’t prevent providers from texting you, but unfortunately, some still refuse to. On Republic’s end there isn’t anything that can be done.

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