New Motorola Moto G

When are the new 2021 Moto G phones going to be available?

Hi @donalde,

This just came out from Android Authority:

They are available right now.

Hello @donalde,

Just to clarify they where announce and are for sale as pre orders, with expected shipping date of January 14th

Republic Wireless has not made a statement on when or if they will support these phones (Personally I do expect they will soon after official launch), until they make an announcement these phones are not supported (I would wait until an announcement to order)

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They’re not actually available until January 14th. Quoting the Android Authority: “On January 14, the phones will exit the pre-order stage and become available for general sale from many retail partners.” Republic tends to launch the phones it will support somewhere right after or at the general availability date. No guarantees, but that’s the history.

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