New My Choice Plans...not my first choice for sure


My Moto G just self retired. Great phone. Great plan. I guess it was a 1.0 plan. So now for the same plan I’m bumped up to $15. Okay fine. The newest phones are now at least clear and smooth on the data pricing but they lose out on no longer providing a refund or rolling over unused data. Really just rolling over the data would be more than enough.

Price is still good, it just feels a little out of line with the company spirit. Even if they took the first $5 payment as your buy in to the program and refunded or rolled over any data purchased beyond that I would feel much better about it. Great that first payment goes to supporting the system and that’s reasonable but after that you pay for what you use.

In any case still a great company and I tell anyone that ever mentions their own sky high cell payments about how good Republic is.

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Companies go into business to make a profit. Republic never suggested they were here to provide a non-profit service to people who wanted cheap mobile phone service. Even with the current My Choice plans, Republic’s service is, without question, among the best values on the entire American mobile phone service landscape.

The one thing you can count on in life is change. That is doubly true in the cell phone industry, because it is still evolving. Since it’s inception, RW has remained a leader in providing an economical service that works for many, many people who want low cost service. And, they have been an outstanding pioneer in personal WiFi mobility communications.



I’m not sure how your reply is relevant. At no point did I suggest anything that you pointed out in your opening statements. Please stay on topic or start your own discussion about whatever it is you wanted to discuss.



I guess my point is, yeah, I really like the Refund plan, too. And, I would love to see at least a portion of my unused data roll over from month to month. I am generally a light user of data the vast majority of the time. So, it is somewhat frustrating offload everything I can to WiFi and see almost a Gigabyte of data that I didn’t use get resold to me again in the next billing cycle. But, the 3.0 plans are in line with industry standards and pricing is quite competitive. So, I think it’s a great company, too, and I’m happy its here.

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Hi @gerardj.bgjaxq!

I understand your concerns and I know Republic appreciates the feedback. As you are probably well aware of, Republic exists to offer users great prices on plans by having them offload their calls, texts, and data on Wi-Fi. With the introduction of the My Choice plans, the cost of data did go down which means the profit Republic makes took a hit as well. In order to compensate for this, they had to draw the line somewhere (in order to remain profitable and continue to exist as a company) and part of that line was not allowing data to rollover. If they had all unused data rollover, it would encourage higher data use and/or even further decrease the already-slim profit margins on the data. I believe that in order to keep the cost of data competitive, Republic slashed the cost of data while continuing to trust it’s users to offload most usage on Wi-Fi (resulting in people not reaching their data caps). To put it simply, I believe that not using all your data and it not rolling over, contribute to the low prices that Republic can set on data. In my opinion, if all users consistently hit their data caps, we would probably see the price of data rise. My point is not to argue that rollovers aren’t good or that Republic shouldn’t add data rollovers. My point is just to share some reasons why data rollovers are not currently available. I am not employed by Republic so I don’t know the exact reasons why they aren’t supported, but I think that what I have outlines plays a role.




I like your post and the points you brought out. I started out with Defy unlimited plan for $19.00 Hardly ever used data as it wasn’t easily accessible in my area. Next I moved to a newer phone Moto G1 and staying on the $10 plan. Then I tried the 2.0 data refund plan, which I liked a lot. Now I’m with My Choice and a newer, bigger more powerful phone.

As much as I liked the refund plan, I’m glad to have My Choice with the new reduced rates for data. We don’t know what RW will come up with in the future. You may get your wish for some sort of data refund plan, since it was so popular, then again you may not. Stay tuned on that one.

In the meantime, the phone choices have improved greatly and now that RW is out of the ROM business, updates to OS come out on a regular basis from the manufacturer. This means phones are more secure and security patches can be released quicker. This point is important as more and more people use their phones for all sorts of security vulnerable things, such as banking, etc.

In the mean time RW has done a lot to keep costs down for itself and in turn passed on this savings to it’s customers. This I appreciate a lot. Would like to see other companies have half as much concern for it’s customers as RW has.

So I stared out with $19 + tax $25 a month to $13 -17 a month with taxes, now to $23 a month with taxes over a 6 year period. I don’t know of any services that I’ve received where my bill stayed steady or even went down for a 6 year period, (other than my trash pick up company, which hit me a few months ago with a $3.00 increase)!

Good post, thank you. I too hope data refund of some type of roll over makes an appearance. RW is keeping current and innovative, you never know what they’re going to surprise with next.


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