New number after reassigning existing number


I am going to move my existing number to a different phone. After I do this can I request and receive a new number from Republic for my existing phone following the standard procedure?


When your reactivate the Republic phone choose New Line and it will be assigned a new phone number when activation completes. The exception being if you are using a Defy XT, which cannot be reactivated.


I think if you provide some additional details about
what phone you have?
what phone you are moving your number to? Is it another line with RW or a different provider?

We might be able to give you more focused guidance.


Hi @johnh.aobo3a
If you are changing to a new RW phone or a byop that is simple by activating the new phone as an upgraded phone. Now if you have 2 RW phones it would need a support ticket to swap the numbers. If your porting to another service then port out and reactivate the old phone and get a new number.


I have a Moto X first gentleman. phone. I would be moving the number to a different providor.


This should say first generation.


Simply just port to the new provider if they accept your number. Factory reset the old phone and then activate it as a new phone on the refund 2.0 plans.

  1. Do not cancel your service with RW. Initiate a number porting request from your new provider.
    Be sure to set up a PIN in the account portal. You will need to provide it to your new provider at the time
    of number porting. Once your number ports over, your Moto X1 will be automatically deactivated.
    See here for more useful info on the number porting process
    How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

  2. Once your number is deactivated, you can reactivate it as a new line of service with a new phone number. If you are planning on using the newly activated line on your Moto X1 then it is not that critical to factory reset, you can simply open the Republic Wireless App and activate it as a new line of service. If someone else is going to use the new line of service and wants their Google credentials on the line, then it would be good idea to first factory reset the phone and then activate it as a new line of service.


Excellent point and glad it surfaced. Factory resets needed if selling a phone and recommended if you pass along to another family member or friend. so they will be able to start with a fresh phone.


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