New number replaced ported number

Many days ago I requested my 2 numbers be ported from 4.0 to a 5.0 account. One was done within a few days but the other is still in limbo it seems. The line that was moved was replaced by a new number in the 4.0 account. Ive let it be in hopes it would disappear when everything was sorted out but im now worried that I will be charged for 3 lines in the end. Do you think its ok if I cancel this new number (do not keep) before my 2nd line is ported? Im afraid to touch anything right now but I also do not want to incur false charges.

I wold suggest you not proactively cancel the new number assigned to your old SIM. Candidly, you may end up being charged for an “extra” 4.0 line but Republic will, if necessary adjust billing for you.

It’s perfectly understandable not wanting to incur extra charges. Nevertheless, I think your inclination to leave things be until both ports are sorted is the correct approach.

Thanks, I will leave it be for now.

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