New Phone activated Old Number - Need to Change (port) Number



I had an out of use RW phone number. I got a new phone - intending to port my number from another carrier. When activating my new phone (Moto Z Play), I mistakenly accepted my old RW number. How do I retire the current number (activated 2017.08.30), and port my current number from another carrier to my new phone. Please advise how to proceed. Urgent.


Hi @johng.7smw4j,

All Republic Wireless new activations come with a new number. This gives you a chance to test the service before moving your number.

When you’re ready to move the number, you do so from the Account portal. Information about doing so starts here:


Thanks for your reply. Actually, I already had an RW account - forgot to cancel the number for a couple of months. When I activated my new phone - RW automatically assigned the old number to my new phone. Unfortunately, I need to use another number - one that needs to be ported from another carrier. 1. How do I cancel the current (registered) number for my new RW phone. 2. How do I (then) port my number from another carrier, in order to use my new and groovy phone? Please advise. Thanks!


Please do not cancel. We can only port numbers to an active line of service.

All the steps and instructions you will need are in the document I linked.


Read the document Southpaw posted in this thread about your situation. Click on the words "Number Transfer: Overview"


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