New Phone/Activation Question


Thinking of upgrading my phone to a new MotoG6, but have a couple questions:

  1. looking to purchase this Standard 64GB version:
    but can’t find the model # - seeing as how RW only sells the 32GB version, was wondering if this would work.

  2. I have a sim kit I purchased from RW in March 2017 for a MotoG4 - could I use that in the new phone, or would I need to re-purchase a new Sim Kit?

Thanks for your help (and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere already - didn’t see it posted, and am new to the Q&A forum format.



The phone appears to be compatible.

This handy guide on How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone lists PAAE0009US as being compatible, which is in the Amazon description. Also, the questions on the Amazon page list XT1925-6 as the model, which is a supported phone according to the list of supported phones.


Presuming this SIM has never been activated, it would work in the G6. Or, is it active and you’re asking if the SIM may be moved from the G4 to the G6, in which case the answer is also yes.

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