New phone activation



my current RW phone is stupid. it keeps acting possessed. i have bought a new phone, not from RW. how do i get this one to work. i tried switching SIM cards, but it says i need a different SIM card. how do i go about doing this?


This will depend on what the old phone is
If ”old phone” is a legacy phone you will need to purchase a BYOD SIM card
If the old phone was a 3.0 with a CDMA SIM card then you will need to purchase a BYOD SIM card
Switching phones by swapping SIM cards is a GSM feature


Also, is it a compatible model?


@esthero.w1pmzt I know you’ve gotten a lot of telecom gobbledygook in the answers. Unfortunately the answer to your question can be a little complicated. Let’s try and work through this step by step. Can you start by sharing the model phone you got? You can find that under Settings – About Phone – Model