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my current RW phone is stupid. it keeps acting possessed. i have bought a new phone, not from RW. how do i get this one to work. i tried switching SIM cards, but it says i need a different SIM card. how do i go about doing this?


This will depend on what the old phone is
If ”old phone” is a legacy phone you will need to purchase a BYOD SIM card
If the old phone was a 3.0 with a CDMA SIM card then you will need to purchase a BYOD SIM card
Switching phones by swapping SIM cards is a GSM feature


Also, is it a compatible model?


@esthero.w1pmzt I know you’ve gotten a lot of telecom gobbledygook in the answers. Unfortunately the answer to your question can be a little complicated. Let’s try and work through this step by step. Can you start by sharing the model phone you got? You can find that under Settings – About Phone – Model


Hi @esthero.w1pmzt,

I’ve reviewed your history with our Help team and it looks like everything is now taken care of. Please let us know if you have any further questions for our Member Community.

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