New phone advice to replay an X Pure: G7+, G6, Z3 Play?

Good Evening All, sadly, I need a new phone.

My beloved Moto Pure’s screen decided it has a split personality…(keeping it functioning with my new friend ‘Assistant)’.

$300 for a Moto G7 + a free G6. (willing to go slightly higher, as there are other models).
$170 for a Z3 play + free mod(s)… (X2) I need two (2) phones.

All suggestions or opinions appreciated.

Hi @c1tobor,

Can you tell us which features make your X Pure “beloved”? That would help the Community better determine which new phones include the most important features.


Longevity. :smiley: …Moto’s have always lasted well for me. I’m not a power phone user, but I like functionality.
The Moto Pure has served me well. I doubt anything in those ranges are ‘less than’ the X, but I really am not sure.

They are both good phones, they just have some slightly different features. For example, the G7 doesn’t have NFC (for tap to pay) and it doesn’t have sensors to allow you to wave at the phone to see your notifications.

I’m sure you’ve seen Detailed Supported Phone Features, it’s a really good starting place as you think things through.


I have been a fan of Moto phones for their features relative to price…but my next phone will likely be a Pixel 3a… or a 4a …whenever that happens :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Actually leaning toward the G7 Power. (+ free G6, which is a slight upgrade from the G5+ it will replace).
I give up a GB of RAM and 32 GB ROM from the G7, but gain the 5000 mAh battery, and it’s $50 cheaper.

On my Pure I only have 13 GB of internal memory used after 4 years, so storage isn’t really an issue. Same amount of RAM on the G7P, but a better processor and PIE should actually be a performance improvement. Kind of bummed about the ‘no wave’ function Southpaw mentioned though.

Would like to go a bit higher, spec wise, but $250 to replace 2 damaged phones with small but decent upgrades is pretty tempting.

Again, any thoughts are welcomed.


Pulled the trigger on the G7 Power + free G6. Ordered cases and Glass screen protectors for both, came in at under $300 total.
I’ve actually managed to ‘back-up’ and navigate the Pure with fair success using only the left-half of the screen and auto-rotate…(and a semi-eidetic memory on where the ‘touches’ are on the blacked-out right side of screen…lol).

I pulled the case off my Moto Pure for the first time in a couple years. Wow, what a beautiful device, (I had forgotten). Very sad to see it go, but hoping the G7P will serve me as well as the Pure has.


Hi @c1tobor,

I didn’t want to sway your decision, but I was hoping that would be your choice! I have a G7 Power and really enjoy being able to get several days’ use out of it before having to charge it.

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Oh wow!, knowing that you are actually using a G7P is comforting. I figured you would have a high-end, futuristic phone that could drive your car, predict the future and cook perfect bacon.

But yeah, my Pure was reporting 87% battery capacity left through the AccuBattery app, but it would really drain fast when using location/maps and the like, so the longer battery life was a major influence over many of the ‘bells and whistles’ pricier phones offer.

Time will tell, but I’m optimistic. Thanks! :grinning:

(P.S. I’ve said in the past I would never get a ‘bigger’ phone (5.7"), so what are your thoughts on the 6.2" screen?..when you have a moment.)

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High end? No. I’m too thrifty. Drive my car? Well… between Android Auto and Google Maps, the phone is a big part of that experience. Predict the future? I do check the weather and traffic every morning, so I know what’s ahead of me. Cook perfect bacon? Who needs a phone for that? Bacon is practically perfect no matter how you cook it!

Well, my eyes aren’t getting any younger, so a bigger screen suits me. I’ve just given up on trying to carry the phone in a pocket.

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I saw a tip that the G7P has a ‘one-touch’ option to “shrink screen”, for one-handed operation, which I often need.

Although my hands have good reach…(piano back in the day) 6.2" is gonna be a stretch (pardon the pun).
In the video though, it shrank to the ‘right-side’, so I’m hoping that’s .customizable.

FWIW, I upgraded from Moto G4 to G7. I too was concerned about the size, but it’s not an issue. It’s about the same width, and slightly longer.


Day one, and I’m loving the battery!..(the Pure was bad).
I skipped Oreo, so there is a ‘learning curve’ but so far, great!..

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Ha! Wait until day three or four and tell me how you feel about the battery!

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Wow, it’s been a year. The answer is “Iove the battery”…I’ll never buy a phone with anything less than 5,000 mah…just saying.

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