New phone and can't get it set up


my old phone died purchased new motog6 and it won’t recognize the old sim card. Can anyone help me get this up and working


What was the old phone and what type of SIM are you moving over [CDMA SIM has Republic all in grey, GSM SIM is dual colored green. Grey]
Only a GSM SIM can be moved to a new phone as this is a feature of GSM.


It was the one in the old republic wireless phone. It older and when I bought the phone at Best Buy today he had to make it smaller. After we couldn’t get it to work he tried 2 others and the phone just kept tell me to buy one from Republic. I have to think he would know the correct kind to but in and we took my old one out. I don’t know what the old phone was.


I’m sorry didn’t read before I sent. I am talking about the old sim card. Its all white


The older legacy phones [Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, and G3] are CDMA you will need to get a new GSM BYOD SIM card
If you need the CDMA [Sprint] coverage support can send one out after the phone been activated on GSM [T-Mobile] just open a ticket


At Best Buy they did put a new Sprint sim card in - 2 different ones. It just wont recognize it


You will have to get your SIM from RW, whether it works with CDMA (Sprint) or GSM (T-Mobile). You can check the coverage maps for those providers to see which carrier will best serve you.


The one in the old phone was from RW. Is that not good enough?


No, that SIM will not work with any phone other that the one it was originally in. As a matter of fact, you want to leave that SIM in the old phone if you intend to sell or give it to someone else. Since you have already re-sized it the only way to get a SIM for that particular phone is by opening a service ticket with RW.


That phone died. So I don’t need. So if I just get a new sim card from RW that’s all I need to do. If so How do I do that.


Hang on a second. I’ll find a link for you.


H;ere you go. This will get you a GSM SIM. If it does not work well for you RW support will send you a CDMA SIM.


Thank you


You are welcome. Good luck going forward. Let us know how this turns out for you.


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