New phone and driving for Lyft

I plan to purchase a new phone and drive for Lyft. Any experience with Republic Wireless phones that work well with Lyft apps?

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Samsung S7 phone would probably be a good conservative safe bet as you likely need something that is both stable and reliable that is going to serve ones needs no matter what the demanding driving environment entails; though if you wind up using more than 2Gb of data monthly as a result of driving with Lyft; you would probably be better served by picking a competing MVNO cell service provider that charges a lower bulk discounted data rate monthly; as whenever one is actively online driving using Lyft quite alot of data winds up being used both download and upload on a continuous basis; for example boost mobile has 23Gb of data for $50 monthly before one even has the potential of having ones data streamed throttled at all; 4g data speeds can go thru quite a bit of data quite quickly and it can start to add up as $90 monthly is simply to much for 10Gb of data monthly; when one would only have to effectively spend only $50 monthly with boost mobile; as this alone would save me at least $500 annually(this would be used to fill up ones gas tank) in hard earned dollars driving for Lyft; its critical to successfully track ones expenses quite closely as one is basically competing quite aggressively with other Lyft drivers who are also hungry to make more money like yourself driving for Lyft!!

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