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Few questions please, not phone savy. If I get a new Republic phone, thinking of the sale phone Moto X4, and change to the new 12 mo. for 10 mo. prepaid plan does it matter when in the month I do both related to my billing cycle.

My next billing day is 5/17 - I will automatically lose my refund plan of approx $14 a mo. with a new phone purchase, but the prepaid plan makes up some of my cost loss. Question, does it matter when in regard to my billing day that I purchase a new phone and do the prepaid plan?

Hope I’ve written this clearly - it confused myself.
Assuming when I purchase the phone - instructions on how to move to the phone and have my same phone number will be included.

As an aside, any thoughts on the quality, reliability of that Moto X 4 - thinking possibility also wait a bit for any additional upcoming sale phones at good cost and value.
Thanks for your help.
( Republic member since 4/24/14 - when I got my 1st and only smartphone Moto G 1st gen - no complaints at all with service or phone)


Hi @evl,

Thanks for your questions. I’m going to let someone else answer them and work through this with you to make sure you’re clear on everything.

I do want to point out, though, for others, that if you have questions only about the Annual Plan, to please read through this topic:

and ask annual-plan questions there, if they haven’t already been answered.


Hello @evl

by default a new line or a legacy line will be on a monthly billing cycle (you will have to take sets in order to move to the yearly prepaid plan )

your refund plan will be refund prorated and any unused data refunded funded when you activate a new phone it will be on the monthly cycle prorated to the end of your billing cycle, then you may make the option to move the the yearly prepaid which will go into effect on your next billing date (if the new phone is done before the 17th of this month you may get on the prepaid yearly plan on the 17th (signing up anytime between the phone activation and before the 17th, if new phone is activated after your billing cycle then you can sign up for the yearly prepaid plan to take place on June 17th)

you can move the number (line) during activation done though the Republic app on the new phone (you will need to sign into your Republic account and select your current line as an upgrade/replacement)

I do not have a Moto X4 but a few members here do and they are happy with it (I using a Moto Z2 Play which spec wise is very similar and am happy with it)

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This document discusses when the annual are billed and take effect. Republic Wireless Plans 4.0: My Choice – Republic Help

I purchased a Moto X4 64GB/4GB version a couple of months ago, have been very pleased and impressed. It’s a quick, very responsive and well built phone. I’d recommend opting for the 64GB version and not waiting long to decided as they may soon disappear at this value/price.


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Thanks everyone for the help and ideas. The Moto X4 32 GB Black one is on the way. I understand the billing, activating, and changing plans now.
Looking forward to having a nicer phone. The 64 GB was sold out as well as the Sterling Blue. Feel like I got a nice good value phone, and with the new prepay plan of 12 mo. for 10 mo. cost I should be set.
Thanks Republic and Republic Community.

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