New phone and old number

I want to order a new phone and keep my old number. How do I do that?

A long as the new phone is a Compatible phone and you have the correct RW SIM.

Your number is transferred to the new phone when you go through the activation process in the RW app and select Replace your current device.

The process of upgrading to a new phone can be different depending on what model or generation of phone and Plan you are coming from.

What is the old phone model you are replacing and what is the new phone model?

Hi @davidv.034lal,

The answer lies in knowing where your old number is now. Is it a currently active Republic Wireless number, or is it somewhere else?


Hello @davidv.034lal

Welcome to the Republic Wireless community where users are able to help each other out with questions and answers. As southpaw has mentioned, the right answer depends on where your number is at now.

If your number is with another service and you are looking to join Republic, you can check your number using the number checker tool found here:

Republic Wireless can help bring numbers over but they do not support all numbers so it is good to check before hand. You can find some additional information here in the how to transfer your number guide.

Speedingcheetah has some good advise for those who are already with us and want to upgrade their phone.

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