New Phone... can I set it up while waiting on SIM?

Hi all… I just got a new Moto X4 to replace my Moto G 3rdGen (legacy phone, no sim) and I’m waiting on the new SIM to come in the mail this week. (why didn’t I get that order in sooner I don’t know, lol)

I bought my Moto X4 off Amazon (yes, it’s compatible) and it’s here already, whoohoo! I’m super excited to try out some of the features of my new phone and this may be a silly question but… can I boot it up and go through the new phone set up before I get my SIM? Is that possible? Or is this an opportunity for me to just practice patience? Lol!

Yes, you can set up the phone now. When you get the SIM card, there’ll be instructions to activate it. By all means, go have fun with the new phone now!


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