New phone, can't call out, get Call Ended

Pixel 4a

My Choice + 1 GB

Data too

Issue Description

When I try to make a call, it seems to dial, then I immediately get a message: Call Ended. Not Call Ended another app using the microphone, as I’ve seen in the help. Just Call Ended.

Update: When I tried calling a number of times, it eventually prompted me to activate the phone. I did. Now, when I try to dial, I get the same message: “This phone isn’t activated …” When I click Get Activated, I get: “This device is activated. If you continue to see this, restart your phone.” That doesn’t help. Now I’m just in a loop.

Hi @thomasg.mfwled,

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I know this not for your model of phone but give it a try and let us know if it helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Not exactly sure why, but everything seems to be working now. Reactivated two or three times.



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