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Hi, I’ve got an old Moto E from like 7 years ago, and I’m on the old $10/month plan for just umlimited talk and text. I want to upgrade to a new Moto E and change the number on the new phone to my old phone. I believe I can only do the $15 plan and that is the cheapest ($10 plan is no longer available), but then I want to take my old phone and give it to my 11 year old, have him get a new number for my old phone and the same plan I’m on. I don’t know if I can change numbers to a brand new one on my old phone and keep the $10 plan? I see the FAQs on how to change my current number on a new phone, but I want my old phone to the same plan but with a new number. Can I easily do that?

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You can do everything you have in mind :slight_smile:

After you get your new Moto E (from Republic I’m assuming), you can use the Republic app to move your phone number to the new phone and pick the $15 My Choice plan. Your can then setup the old Moto e for your 11 year old via its Republic app. (I would reset the phone first).

Here are instructions for the new phone and keeping your number as an Existing Member:

Here is how you can set up the old Moto e with a new number:

Please note that the old Moto e is using Sprint and the new phone would probably come with a T-mobile SIM. Cell coverage in your area might be good with either. If it’s not, you might request a CDMA SIM for the new phone if you find coverage lacking. (I would give the GSM SIM (T-Mobile) a try tho). :wink:

Please let the Community know if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:

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