New phone - decent camera, decent battery life?

It’s time to upgrade (gps is dying and battery life is bottoming out). I mostly use my phone for taking pictures of the kids, browsing, and podcasts. I don’t watch a lot of videos, so I don’t need the best display out there. I don’t really care about selfies, more concerned about the rear camera quality. I’d like a decent camera that’s relatively responsive since kids don’t stay still very long. I also want something where I won’t have to worry about recharging the phone before the end of the day. Any thoughts? I’ve been looking at the x4 (possibly the amazon prime version for lower price point), g6 or g6 play, or possibly even the e4 plus for the massive battery. Open to any other suggestions! More phone options available for RW is great, but it increases the indecision paralysis! Current phone is the moto g 3rd gen.


I think either the Moto G5+ or G6 are great values, with very good cameras and good battery life. The G6 Play has a bigger battery and better battery life, at the sacrifice of camera quality (although still a good camera).

G5SPLUS is a great phone. Fast processor. 4 gigs memory and 64 gigs storage… Camera is big improvement over previous G phones… Battery life good… Should still be able to buy this phone for 249 dollars… I do not think RW sells the Splus.

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