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Have MOTOX first generation. Want to upgrade to 32GB of storage and keep 2GB ram and have phone of similar size. Which Motorola phone fits the criteria?

None. There are no new phones that are the size of the X1. They’re all at least a bit larger. The closest size wise would be the Moto E4 at 5.0"

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Take a look at the Moto G5 plus. We upgraded one of our lines from the Moto X1 to the Moto G5 plus and have been pretty happy with it so far.

Unfortunately, you do have to live with the bigger size…most new phones are at aorund 5 to 5.5" for screen size. It takes a little getting used to…but we actually like the bigger screen once we started using the phone.

If you can stretch your budget, I would recommend getting the 64GB version, as you get
it with the 4GB RAM.

Newer OS ends up taking a bit more space…and in general apps/photos/videos end up taking more and more space…so it is good to have some extra margin on storage.

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I also would like a smaller phone, but we’re getting no love from the manufacturers in this. If you are willing to do a BYOP, the Galaxy S7 and Pixel are both slightly smaller than the Moto E4 that @louisdi mentioned. You can use this size compare tool to get an idea how the different phones compare.

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