New phone discounts coming?

Does anyone remember when Republic has the sale on new phones? I am thinking its Black Friday towards the end of this month. I dont want to buy now and regret sooner than later.


Hi @stay_thirsty,

In the six years I’ve been a Republic member, I’ve yet to see a Republic Black Friday sale. A few years back, they did do a “Taco Tuesday” sale but that has not since been repeated. The past couple of years, Republic has run various promotions at various times during the holiday shopping season, however, nothing has been announced regarding what may or may not happen this year.

Also, Republic is far from the only source of Republic compatible phones. You might want to keep an eye out for good deals elsewhere here: PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere.

Moto G Power on sale for $179.99 on Motorola website and Best Buy

I don’t have any details, but this was in the e-mail they sent yesterday:

“Be on the lookout for upcoming Holiday deals on popular phones as we continue celebrating the kickoff of our 10th year!”

Hoping for something good; my wife and I both need to replace our Moto G6s. Looking to get a Google or Samsung this time.


Quick question on that, I have a republic phone, GSM as does my wife. If one of our phones ■■■■ out, do we need to get a sim kit, or can I just put the old sim in and download the republic app and login?

@Mar-52, yes you can move a GSM sim card from phone to phone (assuming they’re all compatible phones)

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Thank you,

I got that email! , Great timing.

Im also looking at Google & Samsung this go round. Ive had Motos for the last 6 years

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Ive looked at the BYO Phones but the details you must follow scare me away. Id just as soon buy from RW and know the hardware matches to avoid the possible heartburn.

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