New phone for my sweet grandma; can we bring her number?

I want to buy a phone for my grandma for her 80th birthday, but she wants to keep her old phone number. I bought both of my phones from republic, and I was able to keep my existing phone number from a previous AT&T account. Will she be able to keep her existing phone number from a previous phone if i purchase her a new phone from republic? Also, I saw information on republic that said she wouldnt be able to keep the last four digits of her previous number? Is that true? She really needs to keep her old number.


Put her number in the number checker and see what it says. Number Transfer | Republic Wireless

@marshallh’s answer to your question is spot on … and the link is found under the ‘Learn’ Tab on the sales page

  • Deciding that I would take advantage of the opportunity to ‘Learn’, I accessed the page and checked it out
  • I was delighted to see the FAQ’s presented in a new design that makes things much easier to find … here is a snippet of what is provided there
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