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I have a Moto g3 that I bought through Republic Wireless If I buy a Moto g6 through Amazon can I still stay with Republic Wireless and if I can can I keep the number that Republic Wireless gave me when I signed up 3 years ago? Amazon has the G6 that I want and Republic Wireless doesn’t off it with this much internal memory.
Thank you.

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The model number for a Moto G6 BYOP that Republic supports is XT1925-6 so make sure it’s a match :wink:
And yes, you would be able to bring the phone to Republic Wireless and keep your number!

Please Keep in mind that your G3 is a legacy phone and is using Republic’s partner Sprint.
If you get the G6 you will need to order a GSM sim to activate it. It will be on the other RW partner Tmobile. If you find after activation the cell signal is not as good as your G3, you can open a ticket to request a CDMA sim to get back to the same carrier as your G3.

I should add that you would be moving to the My choice plan as well with the new phone.


if ordering from Amazon you can add a Republic BYOD SIM


With all that you have listed that I must do I am afraid that I will mess things up and be without a phone or have to change carriers because of my mistakes. The amazon link you listed doesn’t list the motog6 and now I am afraid of messing this whole thing up. I like what I see of the moto g6 thru RW I just want more memory and 4g of ram. Is there any way I can buy the moto g6 thru RW and still get storage and 4g ram. My current moto g3 is so slow and annoying.

Thank you.

The SIM I listed will work in the Moto G6 that is the a US/North American Factory unlocked model XT-1925-6
here is the Amazon link for a version that will work on Republic■■■■s=gateway&sr=8-2

All new phones must use the My Choice plans [$15+$5 per GB]
all BYOD must be activated on the GSM partner (T-Mobile) where the Legacy phones like your Moto G3 where on the CDMA partner (Sprint)
If you find GSM coverage not to be acceptable you can request a CDMA replacement SIM by opening a ticket

B&H also has the Standard version 32gb G6 for $170 or the 64 GB for $200 with no sales tax in many states.

Amazon also has standard version for same price as the Prime version.


this is not true any more B&H is no required to collect state sales tax in all states that have it (thanks to a recent
Supreme Court Ruling (this when in to effect last October)

FYI, B&H still doesn’t collect tax in states that haven’t jumped through the loops to have the tax collected. I haven’t been charged for the GA tax yet and have placed several orders this year.


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