New phone from RW showed up-should I transfer my data over

or wait until the issues with moving the phone numbers resolves.

When I get a new phone, getting everything copied to it is the first thing I do. That’s before I even consider inserting a SIM and starting to use it for calls and texts. All my apps and settings can be readied before I need to start using them. Doing that doesn’t remove anything from my old phone. When I finally do put the SIM in and activate the connection, the new phone is 100% ready to go.

While I normally move everything over first as well, that’s only because I have done my due diligence with regards to the model of phone I purchased and how it is supported on the provider and its network.
In this case, you may want to test phone functionality first and move everything over once you’ve verified everything works.
Otherwise you may be wiping everything just to return a phone (or whatever you decide).
I’ve luckily never had to return a phone but with the uncertain nature of wifi calling on some devices with the 5.0 plans, until further feedback occurs I’d do my own tests first and the victory celebration can be the moving of data and programs from the old phone.

I was able to move my data etc over without impacting my old phone. So my new phone will be ready to go (once I stop getting lazy and re-enter my passwords into my remaining apps anyway.) If you’re really concerned something might go wrong, you can look at various solutions to back up your data first.

I would wait on activating it, if you’re coming from a legacy plan, but I don’t see how moving the data over would impact anything. I am 99% sure that the data transfer is the reason the republic wireless app was on my new phone. It’s not needed for 5.0 so you can delete it off the new phone if it turns up after.

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