New phone, help setting up


Upgraded to a Moto a play and setting it up. While setting it up it asked for my Google account so it could pull all that info. It did but when I go to chrome it does not have my bookmarks so it gives option to sign into chrome which when I try to do it tells me that account is already on this phone which it is, so it won’t load it again so no bookmarks yet. Any fixes?

Also in calendar, I am synced on my other phones calendar to my sonx basketball teams calendar which on the Moto in calendar setting a show the calendar but in the calendar itself it does not show up


Hi @garyr.bnhgi3

Literally a shot in the dark, but I would sign out of Google, restart the phone, and sign back in. If that does not work, I would Clearing the Cache and try again.

Let us know, we are listening.

That did it


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