New Phone in the Future

I’m going to want to buy a new phone within the next year. Are there any options that aren’t an iPhone or android?

The basic answer is, unless you’re talking about a simple flip phone, no.

And if you’re talking for use with Republic, right now Android is the only supported OS.

There’s also KaiOS. It’s more of a feature phone os with some smart capabilities. It’s marketed toward developing countries and won’t work on republic wireless

I stand by my answer, there’s no alternative. iOS and Android, according to the latest figures, comprise 99.998% of all smartphones sold in the world.

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I’d love to know more about your question. Are you looking for a phone you would use on Republic’s network, or is that not a factor in your decision? Is there something in particular about Android and iPhone you’re trying to avoid?

It doesn’t need to be connected to Republic’s network. I have a growing concern about tech giants such as Apple and Google. I am aware of changes to OSs that are invasive into personal privacy and are an attack on personal freedom. I want to avoid these tech giants.

Then you may be interested in phones that are not part of the 99.998% @louisdi referenced. But if you’re looking for something that Republic doesn’t support, this might not be the best place to seek information, since our Member Community is mostly populated by people who use Republic Wireless and know it well.

What would you want your non-iPhone/non-Android phone to be able to do? That may seem like a strange question, but do you still want it to be “smart” or just a portable telephone for calling? What network would you expect to use it on?

I have not thought about it to that level of detail. Just a basic phone is a must. However, I have become accustomed to the convenience of a smartphone. I am bothered by the lack of security that I am becoming aware of with smartphones. I have considered going to a flip phone, but the plans are more expensive and I have thought it wasn’t worth leaving Republic Wireless.

I have not seen a smartphone that is not plugged into Apple or google. I am unaware of what they are capable of. Can I still enjoy the same apps? Would I still be vulnerable to the same problems as an iPhone or android? I see I need to gather more information to be able to make an intelligent decision.

By networks, I assume you are talking about companies such as: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc… I haven’t seen any of them I felt I could afford.

This could be an interesting discussion, although, again, I’m not sure how many of our RW members would have the answers.

Did you look at the link @davenc shared above for KaiOS?

If you went back to a flip phone, what would you consider a reasonable monthly rate for unlimited talk and text?

I did look at the website and the list of partners it has. I fear they suffer from the same disease. If I can’t get a phone separate from Apple and Google, then perhaps the discussion should move to how to increase the security of a Republic Wireless phone. I know I can’t take pictures without Google getting it. Google has required an email for apps to work including a calendar used for scheduling. Can privacy be secured without big brother getting his eyes on it?

If Apple or Google control the operating system on the phone, I don’t see how doing so would be possible in a meaningful way.

I’m uncertain what you mean by this. It’s true, by default, the photos on an Android phone backup to Google’s cloud, however, this may be disabled. Likewise, were Republic to support iPhones, by default, photos taken would backup to iCloud though this too may also be disabled.

Google does require a Google (Gmail) account to install and or update apps from the Google Play Store. I’m not aware of there being a requirement for adding an email account if all one wants to do is use the app on their phone.

There is a repository for open source Android apps. You might be interested in checking out F-Droid.

Candidly, short of going off-grid entirely, the reality is no. If one is of sufficient interest to one government agency or another, said government agency will find a way to look in on you. I’m not saying that’s how it should be, however, reality is what it is.

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