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Ok so I just bought Moto G⁵ Plus to replace my moto x 2nd gen. My hubby will get my x 2nd gen. Is there a way to keep my contacts on the moto x 2nd and still transfer my phone to him? We share the same contacts. I would keep my phone number and he would keep his number (he has a moto x 1st)


Contacts are generally controlled by the Google Account that is on the phone. If you sign-in to your new phone using the same Google account, then the contacts will transfer. As long as you don’t remove the Google account from the old phone, they’ll remain there as well. This links the two so that adding/deleting a contact from one phone will do the same on the other. Is this what you want to do?


It has been 4 years since I bought the moto x 2nd. I remember that there is a way to put the new phone on top of the old phone and everything transfers and deletes the info from the old phone automatically. Does it still work that way? Am I remembering correctly?
Is there a way to keep my contacts on the moto x 2nd so he will have them too?
I am older and not exactly smart phone smart.


You likely used Moto Migrate which will it no longer work with the newer phones.

During the phone set up there’s a similar step available to transfer from a nearby device using Bluetooth. It worked better for me than the old process and retained most of the app settings as well.

edit: @bonnieh.71i8en, unfortunately this only works on devices with Android Marshmallow and above. "Setting up a nearby device" function not working


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Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

You’re remembering mostly correctly! Moto Migrate did a great job of transfering some things from one phone to the other, but didn’t delete anything from the original.

The new phones do a far better job of moving content than the old ones did. I just set up a phone I’m testing for a few days, and I was amazed at how much of my content from my normal phone showed up on this test phone once everything was finished. I think only the info from a check register app, and my notepad did not move over. Even my saved Wi-Fi networks showed up.

When you get the new phone, know that folks will be here in Community to answer any questions as you go through the process.

Keep in mind, if you do leave your Google account on the Moto X so your husband has the contacts, you’re also leaving access to your E-mail open to him. I know a lot of families operate that way, but if you’re not expecting it, it can be quite a surprise when he suddenly decides to “clean up” the inbox!

What made you decide to get the Moto G5 Plus?

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Price is why I chose 5 play.
Let me phrase it another way. Is there a way to share my contacts with him? My contacts are not on his phone. We have been married 49 years and there are no secrets. He only has 2 contacts on his phone; our 2 daughters. Our girls call on my phone and ask to speak to him. But I have utility companies., frequently called numbers etc on my phone. He is not phone literate at all. He is on the $10.00 plan. He wants a flip phone! I am hoping to change that by giving me him my motox 2nd. He is using a my old original moto, my first smart phone.
OK so I use my blue tooth for my fitbit app so I am guessing I will need to disconnect from the fitbit app?
Just trying to get my ducks in a row. I am only 4 hours from Raleigh so the phone should arrive very quickly.


Yes, I forgot the name but it was Moto Migrate.


This link will bring up the older version Google mail that allows one to export their contacts.

Underneath the search bar, click on the More button, then select Export. You will be prompted as to Which contacts do you want to Export which you will need to select All, and the format should be Google CSV. Then click on the Export button. When the file manger screen displays, select a folder and csv file name. If you save it with a date in the name, then you will also have an archived version of your contacts if needed later.

To import the Contacts csv file, make sure you are signed into Google mail using the email address that you want to imports the contacts to. Then click on the More button, and select Import. On the Import contacts screen, choose the file that you just exported, and then click on Import.

There is also the Contacts app that is installed on your phone that you can export and import the contacts. Just export from your Gmail address and then import under your husbands Gmail address…

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Thank you haptown for clear and precise instructions. I have the file saved on my desktop on my PC>


Moto Migrate was drop in Marshmallow and later version of Android (6.0+) as Google put similar function into OS first boot-up steps/
The put new phone on the old phone required both phones have NFC (like a Moto X 1st and Moto X 2nd (the Moto G5 Plus does not have NFC)
the Bluetooth version of this should do the same thing (though I have heard many have issues and gave up on this and just did it manually


Southpaw is there a reason not to choose the G5?


New phone will arrive today as per tracking. So I just want to make sure of what I am doing in getting it up and running. I have an online business my phone is used for so it is critical that my phone be down a minimum amount o of time. I just log into my google account and everything will be transferred to my new phone?
Because I have the old $25.00 refund plan on the old will that transfer to my old phone Moto x 2nd that my hubby will be using?
Will apps like my fitbit, mr. number, ringtones transfer? I only use my phone for calls and text and use google voice to search. No internet, no facebook here


Generally you should see what you’ve asked about transferred. Be sure to spend some time to ensure you have everything you need on your new phone. If anything is missing we should be able to help you get things straight.

When the X2 is reactivated it will be on a 2.0 Refund plan. It may have been on a grandfathered 1.0 plan which had a $25 option with 3G data. IMO the Refund plans are a better option for most members and usually cost less per month.

Your apps should transfer fine but you will need to set them back up again by choosing which ringtone to use etc. Good luck and enjoy your new phone.



His phone has been on the $10.00 plan forever. He does not use his phone but keeps it for emergencies should the need arise. He makes no calls and no texts and does no searching on his phone. In fact he does not know how to use it except to call me if he is running errands. It would suck to have to pay $25.00


You may even be able to lower your phone’s monthly cost by choosing the My Choice basic talk/text and adding data as needed.



the 2.0 Refund plan still has a $10 option (no data include) (the same can be said for the old 1.0 plans)


Oh, no I didn’t mean it that way! It’s the same phone I bought my daughter and my pop. I think it’s a great phone. I was just wondering if there was something specific about it that made you pick it. Price is a very sound reason for that decision!

Your apps will transfer. Unless your ringtones are managed by an app, they will not. and even if they are, you’ll probably have to configure them again.

On your X2, open the Settings app and tap Backup & reset. Make sure Back up my data is enabled.

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